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Tanya Muchanyuka

Tanyaradzwa Louise Violet Muchanyuka grew up in South East London where she fell in love with singing, dancing, telling and retelling stories. She graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelors in Theatre, 2016. While she was there she was involved in many student short films and performances, winning best leading actress in an International film competition. 

She was involved in the ‘Yamaha Jazz Summer School’ as a vocalist throughout her years at Falmouth.

In her 3rd year, her final degree show performance was shortlisted by the National Student Drama Festival. Which resulted with her co-founded theatre company, ‘O Collective’, being invited to perform there the following year, in Hull. 


With a background in devising physical theatre, Tanya began practicing dance therapy and applying that to her teaching style. Tanya’s personality exudes from her when she performs. Dance is very therapeutic for her and her truth is shown through the way she moves and encourages people to move. 

As a facilitator she works closely at empowering intergenerational communities to be able to express themselves through movement and Theatre arts. She believes that we develop a sense of who we are at a young age. She wants to help people expand on that and shape themselves creatively. Tanya is extremely well trained in the arts. A multi-skilled, dynamic performer and facilitator who enjoys exploring different ideas and passions through a range of mediums in her workshops.

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